The Company

At Mobiezy we care about your customers as much as you do.

For a long time, we have felt that hyper-local transactions is an under served area and nobody seems to be doing it right. We decided to change the way hyper-local businesses conduct transactions in the last mile and to serve as an end-to-end platform in the local marketplace. These solutions include targeting, acquisition, managing and supporting the entire lifecycle of a recurring revenue businesses.

Mobiezy aims to revolutionise local businesses by providing applications that provide better accountability, better control, increase cash flows, reduce credit period & streamline operations. We offer a fast, affordable and secure way for cable Tv operators, Newspaper agencies, Milk agencies and alike companies to accept collect payments & serve their customers more efficiently.

The Problem

We reckon India as a land of challenges and opportunities. Some of these challenges are common across industries and we decided to tap the opportunities hidden behind:

  • Lack of a simple centralized CRM system
  • No real automation, system of record
  • Billing and payment inconsistencies
  • Numerous paperwork requirements
  • Payment tracking and reconciliation
  • Service management
  • Targeting customers for cross- selling and up-selling
  • Inefficient customer support
  • No real- time analytics and reporting
  • Content management
  • Inadequate marketing and promotions

The Tipping Point

We realized that the last mile businesses in the economy work on subscription- based models. The main thrust was the need to bring a generational shift towards automation and efficiency in unorganized subscription- based businesses.

We undertook a mission to help our clients in streamlining their businesses by leveraging state of the art mobile and cloud technology, along with our deep expertise in app- based platform solutions. Since then, we have served a number of small and medium enterprises which have, thus, benefited in not one way, but many.

Testimonial by Avinash -
After we started using this app, all my manual effort is gone. Mobiezy has helped me automate my collections & complaints processing. I realised that my collections have increased by 25%. Thanks Mobiezy!
Avinash -
Nishant Vision, Udupi
Testimonial by Sunil Jadhav -
This app has helped us organise our business very well. We're able to track our collections & payments easily with Mobiezy.
Sunil Jadhav -
Sri Sai Communiation, Gadag
Testimonial by Deepak -
Easy and simple. Even with limited knowledge in technology me & my team were able to fully digitise our business. Highly recommended for small businesses with day to day collections.
Deepak -
SS Communications, Hassan
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